Get to Know the Sinković Family

Learn the beginning of our history and why it has been so successful over the years ...

Traditional House

Our property and the reconstructed traditional stone house are located on one of the highest hills in the north-west of Istria.

Rich in History

Our family continues the production of wine, fruit and vegetables with great respect for the powers of nature.

The Family Heritage

Our spacoius house now serves for the relaxation of many families which appreciate the clean air to have a good time together.

The house is located 350 meters above sea level, in the midst of ecologically intact nature and offers a memorable view. It is the perfect place to relax in the true meaning of the word.

A Walk through Our Estate

The history of our name goes back to 1656. Everything we have to do today, we inherited from our ancestors, each generation has added something new. Our family today consists of Libero, Dora, Sergej and Patrik and respects the heritage and the tradition, but also vies much in innovation.

A Special Attraction at Our Estate

Everyone who once visited us and met our Jack remembered him for a long time. Our Mexican pig behaved doflike. It was very sociable and enjoyed pancakes and wine. It had once come from France to look for truffles, but soon became a beloved pet.


Jack died at the age of 14 in 2011 and was succeeded by Vietnamese piggy Điđi (Gigi) and Thai pig Pepa. When you arrive at our farm you will surely get to know them. They both enjoy posing for cameras, as did Jack.

"The majority of the products we offer come from our own production, we know what we produce and therefore do not doubt the quality of the products and services we offer."

Sergei Sinković

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