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An excerpt from reports from the media and why our pig Jack received so much attention. Get to know us through the impressions of our guests.

Truffle Snapper Jack Weighs 140 kilos

The Mexican pig Jack is one of the most popular of its kind in the world and also has a nose for truffles, says the proud owner Libero Sinković from Momjan, a place in Istria only five kilometers from the Slovenian border. From an early age, Jack was already a real truffle hunter. With its pronounced smell, it finds truffles buried deeply in the soil, where even dogs have to yield.

Source: 24sata, 2007

The Wine-Drinking Pig

The Mexican pig Jack came from France to search for truffles, and became a tourist attraction. It loves cameras, pancakes and wine. The luscious pig also gets treats such as wine from a real wine glass. It loves Muscat Rose, the latest Sinkoviće product.

Source: Arena, 2001

The Miracle of the Motovun Forest Truffles

The estate of the family Sinković from Sv. Mauro near Momjan has grown in population since this summer around, as piggy Jack arrived. The first Istrian truffle pig had his baptism of fire this Monday. Dora and Libero took it to the forest near Završje, where six-months-old Jack got his first lesson. He found all five truffles buried for him without tasting the mushroom. Truffle pigs are said to have a thirty-odd better smell than dogs.

Source: Jutarnji List, 2000

Crickets, Stags, Horseback Riding, Hiking and Fishing in Picturesque Momjan

The family Sinković offers rural holidays on their farm. The offer includes an equestrian school, cycling and hiking tours, fishing, the observation of animals in the wild as well as cricket concerts, but also excellent Istrian cuisine and even better wines from the own cellar are offered. Momjan is a typical Istrian town in the north-west of Istria, only 10 km from the sea.

Source: Where to Go this Weekend (Jutarnji List), 2000

Jack – a Pig Walking in Dog Shoes

Jack moves through Sv. Mauro free as a bird, visiting adjoining courtyards and getting treats from the inhabitants and from tourists. It knows all the gardens of the neighborhood, and counts dogs, chicken and cats as best friends. It comes home only when it gets hungry. Jack is also a proven truffle hunter, although he is slower than his dog colleagues, but the more thorough and persistant.

Source: Profil, 2001

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