The Quality of the Sinković Brand

Discover the quality of wines, spirits and liqueurs which evolved over years

  • The Special Taste

    What kind of flavor do perfect location and climate develop with love added?
  • The tradition of Production

    The taste created with century-old recipes
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    Our brand stands for quality

Get to Know Our Story

How has the love for wine production been passed on from generation to generation? How is the tradition of innovation and modernization being passed on? Who is behind the story and why is the quality of our products appreciated worldwide? Get to know the Sinković family and learn how hard work and love for the land combined with special recipes lead to high-quality beverages.


Sinković Wines

Our estate is located at a sunny altitude of 200 to 350 meters in hilly landscape, where the flysh and the microclimate form a unity which, with the help of our love for the land and wine inherited from our ancestors, lead to grapes giving their best. Check our offer and treat your taste buds to some high-quality, natural flavor.


New Aromas of Liqueurs and Spirits

Our offer includes 40 different types of fruit and herbal spirits, various bitter liqueurs, distillates and macerates, which can be tasted here. We have offered some of the to the market, to bring to the tastes of Istria to Your home.


The entire process, from the grape to the wine happens under the supervision of enologist Patrik Sinković. With much effort and love for land and wine, and with the help of modern technology and education, conditions were created to develop a brand of recognized quality.

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Click through our gallery and see how we have changed and evolved over generations. Get to know the nature in our surroundings.


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