A high-quality offer of local flavors

  • Special Taste

    Get to know the special taste of a perfect location and love of production
  • Tradition in Production

    A recipe that has been tried and tested for more than 100 years gives for memorable tastes
  • Acknowledged Quality

    The high quality level we have set for our products is becoming an appreciated brand

Top Quality Wines

Our vineyards and our estate are located in Northwestern Istria in the vicinity of Momjan at a sunny altitude of 200 to 350 meters in hilly landscape, where the flysh and the microclimate form a unity which, with the help of our love for the land and wine inherited from our ancestors, lead to grapes giving their best.


Brandies and Liqueurs

We are continuously adding new flavors to our palette of and go beyond the traditional varieties. We have over 40 variations of brandy, won from fruits, various herbal varieties, macerates and liqueurs, all of which can be tasted at our estate.


Experience the quality of throughly natural taste, which evokes memories of things important to be remembered. Taste bottled quality.

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