Brandies and liqueurs, the drinks of our ancestors

The SINKOVIĆ brandy production tradition reaches over 50 years back in the past

Symbol of Status

Brandy/Rakija has always been a symbol of status for the Istrian peasant, because good brandy is drunk in good company


In an effort to join the modern and the useful, we have combined modern technology with a traditional alcoholic beverage.

Expanding the Offer

Within the past ten years,we have modernized our production and have introduced various new brandies and liqueurs to the market.

Our offer includes over 40 different kinds of brandies: fruity, herbal, distillates, macerates and liqueurs, all of which can be tasted at our estate.

Brandy-Based Liqueurs


Red wine liqueur won by harmonically mixing its ingredients.


Bitter herbal liqueur with a refreshing minty note.


Traditional Istrian drink with added best quality honey.


A liqueur known on the Istrian peninsula for ages.

Brandies of special taste and recipe


- Pure pomace brandy won directly from the pomace of Istrian grape varieties

- The grapes are harvested manually with the peduncles, which are being removed before the following production processes

- traditionally produced in copper boilers to ensure its special aroma



- Traditional alcoholic beverage, won by maceration of 12 wild grown Istrian herbs in Istrian grape pomace brandy

- Traditionally considered a medicine

- Travarica is clasified as a special brandy


Special Ediions of Gift Packages

Present a gift nobly packaged in a black sleeve with golden inscription. A quality Sinković product nicely packaged is a gladly received present for many occasions.

Sinković Producs as Gifts

Souvenir of Istrian Tradition

Order 0.1l, 0.2l and 0.5l bottles and experience Istrian tradition glass by glass


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