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Wine is an experience which tells the story of the winemaker, the land and its traditions… about the grape and peduncle, about the amount of time, work and passion invested and the hope of the winemaker, that the love poured in a glass can be appreciated on the palates of the people drinking it.

Momjan Muscat Dry

White dry quality wine

Momjan Muscat Semi-Dry

Quality white wine

Muscat Ruža (Rose) Semi-Dry

Quality semi-dry rose wine with sugar residue

Friendship Wine

Special sweet dessert wine

Istrian Malvasia

White dry quality wine

Malvasia Barrique

Dry quality wine of old-gold color


Quality red wine

San Mauro Wines

Red and White Dry Table Wines

Did You Know?

There has been a historic chest in which the muscat wine from Momjan used to be transported from its origin to the court of Vienna, where it was enjoyed by the emperor. One key to the chest was kept in Momjan and the wine was locked in it until its arrival in Vienna. There the chest would be opened with the second of the two existing keys and the wine began to tell its story.

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